Quick morning ritual.

Quick morning ritual.

During my private session with a colleague today, we delved into the fascinating topic of the energy exchange that takes place between the elements and the tips of our fingers. In particular, we explored the different ways in which this exchange occurs and the potential implications for our overall health and well-being. We also discussed various techniques and exercises that can be used to enhance this exchange and optimize our physical and mental states. There is a complex interplay between our bodies and the natural world around us.

Try this exercise when you first wake up.

  • Open your eyes and take a cleansing breath
  • Notice anything that arises in the body, mind, and heart
  • Try to enter a state of listening and acceptance
  • Acknowledge what element you need channeling for the day ahead, when in doubt ether is always beneficial
  • Place those two fingers on the space between the eyebrows and hold there (no need to dig deep or massage, holding is enough)
  • Utilize the breath, energy work, or any other mantras you have been working with

Here is the energy map for reference:

👉 The five elements of ether, fire, water, earth, and air are often associated with esoteric and spiritual concepts.

Ether represents the energy of the universe and is associated with spiritual enlightenment and transcendence.

Fire represents passion and transformation, while water symbolizes intuition and emotion.

Earth represents stability and grounding, and air represents communication and clarity of thought.